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Wellness Factors products are built with open architecture which allows them to be purchased separately and integrated into your organization as is or with customizations.

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employee health and wellness programs

The old adage Knowledge is Power holds true when it comes to empowering employees and their family members to embrace higher levels of self-care.

Health Masters is an innovative and unique learning experience that utilizes learning principles that engage and enable your people to have the knowledge and the power to practice high levels of self-care.

employee health and wellness programs

wellness cultures

Behavioral Science tells us that Leaders can have a huge influence over the choices people make. The age-old adage, “As the leader goes, so go the people,” still holds true.

Just as a poorly performing leader can create an unhealthy culture that negatively affects performance, a leader, who performs well on the other hand, can evoke from people their highest level of personal performance and self-care. History provides numerous examples of this and it continues to be true today.

Wellness Cultures is a program that works to help C-level executives and senior managers make high leverage contributions toward creating a wellness culture that leads employees to higher levels of performance.

employee health and wellness programs


WISE isn’t a quick-fix weight-loss promise. Instead it is a weight loss program for people who have some level of belief that they deserve to learn how to practice self care. It is also for people who do not know this, but have a desire and willingness to learn it.

Because each person’s needs and learning styles are different, WISE offers three different modules to choose from…

health portal

At the heart of Wellness Factors’ company wellness program is one of the world’s largest health portals, featuring the interactive Health Tracker. This tool enables employees to manage their own health by entering the results of their regular medical tests (e.g.,cholesterol). Health Tracker is completely confidential: only aggregate information on the health of the general workforce is available to managers. The 27 self-assessments cover such important everyday health issues as relationship health, stress levels, emotional health, and depression. Employees can take and retake pertinent tests to measure their progress towards improved general well-being.

In addition, there are over 15,000 articles on various health topics to support your employees in learning more about healthy lifestyle behaviors. The health portal is branded with your company`s own identity and linked to your corporate website. By providing efficient 24/7 education, while complementing and interfacing with other employee health programs, Wellness Factors’ health portal stretches wellness spending dollars and boosts workforce health and performance.

wellness promotions

Wellness Promotions includes monthly e-newsletters, wall posters, wellness day planners, and wallet cards, all customized with your company’s identity and delivered to designated employees. The program provides up-to-the-minute health science information, drives employees to the health portal, and raises awareness of specific wellness programs.

employee health and wellness programs

Participaction Points is an initiative that rewards people, departments, and regional offices within a corporation for participation in wellness activities and positive lifestyle changes.

employee health and wellness programs

Heart Health begins with a company wellness program campaign to help garner maximum employee participation. Activities include on-site measuring and comparative tracking of blood fats, blood pressure, and heart rate, and education on lifestyle habits that improve heart health.

employee health and wellness programs

Stop Diabetes begins with a campaign to help garner maximum employee participation. Activities include on-site measuring and tracking of glucose levels and lifestyle education to prevent diabetes.

employee health and wellness programs

The Fatigue Management program consists of a pair of two-hour-long, in-house workshops conducted by an expert in sleep performance. These are followed by a weekly teleconference to discuss challenges, progress and strategies for improvement over a period of six weeks.

employee health and wellness programs

Cell Groups are expert-facilitated groups of people with common health goals who come together each week for 12 to 16 weeks. They discuss their challenges and share insights. Activities involve contact with other members and personal development initiatives.

employee health and wellness programs

Wallet Cards are one-page, two-sided, graphically attractive tip sheets that you can print off and fold to keep in your wallet. Topics range from healthy eating to warding off stress.

employee health and wellness programs

Wellness Tracker is a corporate health report card that measures wellness spending against return on investment. Wellness Factors’ report card program installs micro-measurements into your business to identify measurable health improvements in employees. The information gathered is then compared with the company’s investment in wellness.

employee health and wellness programs

Wellness Factors’ lunch-and-learns are monthly, on-site hour-long workshops that maximize participant benefit through distance education tools and effective interactive facilitation by Wellness Factors health experts.

employee family support health wellness

Tele-Wellness On-the-go is an audio library of two-to-five-minute tutorials full of practical, everyday tips on health and wellness that employees can implement to improve their mental health, nutritional wellness, and physical fitness. Employees and their families can call this toll-free number from their home or worksite 24/7 by dialing 1.877.862.1927.