WISE isn’t a quick-fix weight-loss promise. Instead it is a weight loss program for people who have some level of belief that they deserve to learn how to practice self care. It is also for people who do not know this, but have a desire and willingness to learn it.

Sustained weight loss requires more than just willpower. When you have an off day and you’re tired and/or emotionally low, your will power is bound to wane, threatening the self care that causes weight loss. WISE works to help people understand that if it was a behaviour that caused weight gain, then it will be a new behavior that will cause sustained weight loss.

WISE (weight loss in supportive environments) succeeds at helping people create sustained weight loss through focusing on 6 key areas:

  • FOOD SCIENCE: What foods cause weight gain and how to create replacement foods that satisfy your appetite.
  • BRAIN: You gain a clear understanding of your brain functions and the effects hyper-palatable foods and hyper-palatable eating have on brain chemistry.
  • INNER GAME: You increase the health of your thoughts and emotions to develop inner strength.
  • KNOWLEDGE: You learn what to eat, how much to eat, and what emergency foods you can turn to through an e-learning multimedia platform.*
  • SELF-CARE: You find ways to incorporate work-life balance, sufficient rest, stress resilience, and regular cardiovascular activity into your life.
  • SUPPORT: You join a group of supportive peers and/or follow the guidance of a coach (evidence-based research indicates that such support dramatically increases an individual’s probability of achieving personal goals).

Give yourself the gift of health by becoming part of the WISE community today. *A learning methodology that utilizes animation, video, slideshows, and intuitive interaction to fast-track and reinforce learning.

Through WISE, you will:

  • Learn about food and how to eat a nutritious balanced diet, tailored to meet your weight and health goals.
  • Keep a personal diary recording all the foods you eat, along with your level of physical activity and other measures of self-care, in order to create awareness.
  • Meet with a WISE mentor each week.
  • Get online support to help you set and track goals and understand the health benefits of the foods you eat.
  • Become more active by learning how easy it is to make activity part of your day and to enjoy doing it.
  • Manage stress and build emotional resiliency, which is often the key to controlling bad habits and making positive life changes.
  • Develop a dynamic motivation fostered through engagement with others who share the same goals as you and your WISE mentor.

Because each person’s needs and learning styles are different, WISE offers different modules to choose from:


A workplace/home-based program for a small group of co-workers or friends seeking to lose weight.


A deeper exploration into your personal psychology and its link to obesity.


The basic WISE program. Ideal if you prefer to tackle weight loss in a more private environment (a family member or friend can join you).


Ideal if you prefer to tackle weight loss in a more private relationship with a WISE Mentor trained in weight loss.