Forty-nine per cent of North Americans suffer from fatigue. Many of them, especially those who work in a corporate environment, rely on caffeinated beverages and energy drinks to help them get through the day.

Wellness Factors offers a healthier and more sustainable alternative for overcoming employee exhaustion in work sites where fatigue is an issue: a nine-week, interactive continuing education course that helps individual employees take simple steps to be more productive, self-aware, and well-rested.

Educational print material, including an "About Fatigue" poster, booklets, and fatigue assessments, are mailed to the work site to let employees know about the campaign, as well as to invite them to participate in the "Strategies for Fatigue Management" workshop. This is conducted by neural psychologist Dr. Lisa DeLong, who specializes in fatigue management. Employees register online and are e-mailed preparatory reading materials along with an introductory video with Dr. DeLong.

The workshop itself takes place at the work site or at a convenient nearby location. Tools such as journals and sleep performance bracelets that help to gauge sleep quality are supplied to assist in the learning process. The objective is to give employees the information, tools, and practice in behavioral change they need to identify and manage the core drivers of fatigue. Employees also receive access to doctors and experts in the field of sleep performance.

Following the workshop, employees gather once a week for an hour-long cell group discussion. Accountability to the group provides increased motivation for improvement, while also helping to identify and address emotional issues and other obstacles to achieving wellness.