About Us

Working in the field of health and wellness, Wellness Factors has accumulated vast resources and extensive expertise in delivering highly effective employee wellness programs. Its unique integration of health sciences, continent-wide network of health-care professionals, award winning publishing division and innovative IT Web and software development team distinguish it as a leader in the field of employee health and wellness.

Our roots began in the late 1970s as in-house wellness consultants, publishers of health books and magazines (see alive.com) and producers of accredited home-study health courses, which eventually evolved into incorporating software development for social media web 2.0 tools.

Wellness Factors and MyOutcomes (a web-based psychotherapy feedback tool for behavioural health practitioners) have a combined client base of over 3,000 users across 12 countries. Our health-and-wellness program is a complete interactive employee wellness experience that integrates the efficiency of Internet tools with health-care coaching and work site initiatives to improve employee fitness and reduce health-care costs. Our corporate programs motivate and empower employees and family members to take greater responsibility of their personal health, providing them with wellness tools based on advanced behavioral sciences.

Explore how your company can cut health-care and health-insurance costs and boost its bottom line through investing in employee wellness. Put Wellness Factors’ creativity, health-care resources, and health-and-wellness experts to work in building an employee wellness program that creates improved performance and productivity within a happier and healthier workplace culture.

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