employee family wellness

The old adage Knowledge is Power holds true when it comes to empowering employees and their family members to embrace higher levels of self-care.

The exponential advances in social, mental-emotional and physical health sciences during the last decade are capable of equipping your people with the skills that can not only minimize the impact of disease, but oftentimes prevent disease. If this knowledge is not made available to people, they remain vulnerable to the effects of unhealthy lifestyle choices, poor relationship skills and lack the tools necessary for maintaining a healthy psychology.

Health Masters is an innovative and unique learning experience that utilizes learning principles that engage and enable your people to have the knowledge and the power to practice high levels of self-care.

How it works

Health Masters is an expert-facilitated, one-hour workshop for 4-15 people. Beginning every September, January and April, each workshop occurs in the workplace for 8 weeks. Workshops may cover any one of the following topics:

  • Stress the way out… using stress resilience tools
  • Emotional Intelligence… its link to every aspect of success
  • Anger… a necessary emotion when appropriately expressed
  • Relationship Fractures… how much they cost and how to repair them
  • Rejuvenation… managing your energy to ward off fatigue
  • New Topics… two preventative behavioral health topics are added annually

Each topic has been developed by leading behavioral science professionals and academics to ensure your employees and family members receive the most effective training, facilitation and interactive group engagement activities available.

Key factors

The Health Masters workshops incorporate the following initiatives to enhance mastery of skill sets and promote positive changes in behavior:


  • Promotional initiatives are launched by Wellness Factors beginning 6 weeks prior to each program start date.


  • Fifteen minutes of advance behavioral health training from accomplished experts are streamed through the computer in video format.


  • Participants are encouraged to gain high levels of self-awareness through short, confidential journaling assignments


  • Participants are given the opportunity to speak 2-4 minutes on topic-specific questions during each one hour workshop, thereby promoting high levels of group engagement in a safe and empathetic environment.


  • Online team platforms are created for team members to engage, encourage and challenge others in their team or the members of other teams.


  • Online bio-psychometric assessments are emailed to participants each week to create benchmarks and track progress along the way.


  • Weekly, individual one-on-one telephone check-ins resulting in high levels of one-on-one engagement and camaraderie.


  • Telephone coach access is available to participants who require unique levels of support.


  • These can be incentives for teams to achieve the greater results.

Three ways to participate in Health Masters


Teams are formed in the workplace and attend the weekly workshops for 8 weeks in a meeting room using a laptop or large screen that brings the trainer to each session via video. The team participants continue to work online together throughout each week.


Employees or family members, who want to participate from other locations or anonymously, can register to join an online telephone conference team. This format is ideal for employees and family members who cannot meet in the workplace for the weekly sessions. Those who do not want their identity disclosed have the option to use an alias.


Health Masters is a fully automated system and requires no registration work from the employee. All that is required is two hours per week from an employee, who will be trained by Wellness Factors to act as the facilitator.