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Health Masters

employee family wellness

The old adage Knowledge is Power holds true when it comes to empowering employees and their family members to embrace higher levels of self-care.

The exponential advances in social, mental-emotional and physical health sciences during the last decade are capable of equipping your people with the skills that can not […]


employee family support health wellness


Tele-wellness On-the-go is an audio library of two-to-five-minute tutorials full of practical, everyday tips on health and wellness that employees can implement to improve their mental health, nutritional wellness, and physical fitness. Employees and their families can call our toll-free number from […]

Tele-Lunch and Learn

Wellness Factors' tele-lunch & learns are hour-long teleconference workshops on health-and-wellness topics that maximize the benefits to participants through distance education tools. Guest speakers are accomplished health experts specialized in group facilitation. The featured topics correspond to the monthly themes in the Wellness Planner.

The Wellness Factors facilitator conducts a 30-minute interactive […]

Wellness Tracker

employee health and wellness programs

A study by Summex Corporation estimated the annual direct and indirect health-care costs for an average employee — including health benefits, health insurance, and sick days — at a staggering, 985 (US). With each passing year, these health-care costs rise even higher. Smart employers understand that investing […]

Wallet Cards

Wellness Factors' wallet card library of motivational messages are a perk for any employee. The beautifully designed cards, which contain practical tips on health and wellness, remind employees to make healthy lifestyle choices wherever they go. Many physicians' offices display Wellness Factors' wallet cards as a useful extension of their doctors' […]

Cell Groups

Cell Groups are expert-facilitated groups of 12 people who come together each week over 16 weeks via phone and Web 2.0 tools. For 90 minutes, they discuss their challenges and share insights. Activities include contact with other cell members and Web-based homework activities throughout the week.

Some Cell Group topics include: "Emotional […]

Fatigue Management

Forty-nine per cent of North Americans suffer from fatigue. Many of them, especially those who work in a corporate environment, rely on caffeinated beverages and energy drinks to help them get through the day.

Wellness Factors offers a healthier and more sustainable alternative for overcoming employee exhaustion in work sites where fatigue […]

Stop Diabetes

More than two million Canadians and 20.8 million Americans have diabetes. That number is expected to double over the next 10-15 years, creating huge costs for society and employers. Employees who have diabetes incur health-care expenses that are two to three times higher than those without diabetes. Estimates for the cost […]

Heart Health

Heart disease is the leading cause of death among North Americans — a silent, stealthy killer that many people don't know they have until it's too late. The good news is that heart conditions can be detected, controlled, and even prevented by taking sensible precautionary measures.

Wellness Factors' Heart Health program is […]

Participaction Points

Participaction Points rewards people, departments, and work sites within a company for participation in the employee wellness program and for making positive lifestyle changes.

Employees work together towards a common health goal, so Participaction Points also serves as a team-building exercise within the work site. Each participant is held accountable by the […]