Our Vision

  • To see the pursuit of self care (social, emotional and physical) ascend to the top of our societal values system.
  • To continue developing innovative ways that cost effectively give people access to advanced behavioural health training through the use of interactive intuitive web, social web 2.0 tools and distance education programs.

Our Purpose

  • To evoke and support people towards experiencing the powerful benefits of increased self-care.
  • To be at the forefront of investigating and promoting advanced behavioural sciences that can prevent and, where possible, reverse diseases.

Core Values

  • That all people, regardless of health, ethnicity and income status, deserve support to experience improved social well-being and  emotional and physical health.
  • That the best practices from allopathic, naturopathic and behavioural health sciences should be understood and incorporated for the benefit of all people.
  • That in providing health care to an individual, the best interests of the client should always supersede capitalistic or personal gain.
  • To have congruency between our conviction and behaviour (words and actions). Let this be our definition of integrity.