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Measuring – An Important First Initiative:

Wellness Factors Health Risk Appraisal measures stress levels, mental health challenges, physical illnesses and lifestyle imbalances. This data is important for determining what type of wellness program will be most effective for your company’s needs. The data also provides a baseline measure for measuring results and calculating the return on investment for each wellness dollar spent.

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Garnering Leadership – Employee – Family Participation:

The success of any wellness initiative is determined by its usage. To increase people’s awareness and usage of our programs, we run a variety of promotional activities and provide important information through newsletters, health tips, and posters.

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Empowering Self-Care:

To keep people engaged and motivated, we provide various activities such as: group-based & individual weight-loss programs, multi-media e-learning, stress-reduction workshops, and tele-lunch & learns. Other interactive activities like meal planners, encyclopedias, calorie and nutrition counters, etc. are also available.

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Corporate Health Report Card Determines Return on Investment:

Annually or bi-annually, we remeasure the health of your organization and use this data to calculate your corporate health and wellness report card. This is the ultimate measure that determines the effectiveness of the wellness program.

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