When an organization’s corporate health report card improves, so does the performance of its people and the bottom line of the company.

Our Approach

Wellness Factors’ approach to improving organizational health utilizes advanced behavioural health sciences focused in 3 key areas:

  • Relationship Health
  • Mental-Emotional Health
  • Physical Health

Relationship Health …a key factor:

Relationship Health is the foundation to good mental and physical health. As neuroscientists map the human brain, they continue to discover that each person has an intrinsic need to be connected via multiple types of relationships. When these connections are lacking or we experience abuses in our relationships, our Mental-Emotional Health can be significantly impacted. This, in turn, can ultimately affect our ability to administer self-care to our bodies and maintain Physical Health.

News Briefs

The News Briefs were produced and distributed to our clients’ employees and their family members. They provide insight and understanding of the Wellness Factors’ approach to improving people’s health within the framework of our clients’ unique needs. Click here to download a copy of our News Briefs.