Coaching (Work-Life) Services

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Our work-life consultation, resource, and referral service provides practical assistance to users around a wide range of dependent-care issues. The strength of our service begins with the knowledge and expertise of our consultants, whose roles are to assess, clarify, educate, and serve. Since our work-life consultants are also our research staff, the resource and referral processes are elements of both the intake and research functions. This is a model that we believe improves the quality of both the consultation and the actual referral. All of our referrals are qualified and matched to the specific needs and requirements of the user—100% of the time.

At the core of our work-life consultation, resource, and referral service is our understanding that employee concerns do not always fall into clear service categories. Our work-life consultants can search for a variety of options that best fit each caller’s needs. Key program features include:

  • 24/7 live, immediate access to expert work-life consultants via toll-free phone, email, or LiveConnect
  • Rapid turnaround time – employees will receive their customized, confirmed, matched referrals within 12 business hours for regular cases or within six business hours for urgent cases
  • Educational materials to support each customized consultation, including tip sheets, checklists, handbooks, and brochures (select resources are available in Spanish)

Wellness Factors’ services are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week via a toll-free number and our website. All calls are guaranteed to be answered live within 30 seconds.

All our work-life consultants are experts in their field. Each offers significant educational and work experience from within the work‐life industry, as well as practical skills learned on the job at child care centres, adoption agencies, public and private schools, elder care facilities, and other related fields.

Our consultants are experts in their given discipline rather than being generalists in all disciplines. For example, our elder care consultants have experience caring for elders and receive ongoing, rigorous training in this unique area. Our consultants are also cross‐trained in all disciplines so they can recognize if an employee has additional needs that we may be able to meet. Our consultant proficiency program further demonstrates a commitment to developing each consultant’s subject matter expertise, while ensuring that they maintain a holistic focus.

When employees call the work‐life consultation, resource, and referral services program for assistance with child care, elder care, education, daily living, legal, or financial services, they receive a consultation with an expert who listens to the issues presented and assists in creating the most effective work‐life plan. This is a unique feature, as many vendors have scaled down the referral service to order taking.

Child Care Resource and Referral

Our child care consultants can explore various options that will best fit each caller’s needs for child care. During the initial intake process, the consultant obtains all demographic and other search criteria. A child care consultant will then search our database for options using criteria set by the parent, as well as suggest additional resources that best meet the parent’s needs. Our consultants can offer resources addressing mild illness, emergency back-up care, back-up care resulting from school closings resulting from inclement weather to teacher workdays; religious holiday, sports events, or residential summer camp. They can likewise provide resources about summer volunteer opportunities for teens, play groups for mothers and their infant/toddler, preschools, Montessori schools, and resources on prenatal care from books to a lactation programs. Also, a child care consultant can search for a variety of resources for children with special needs, such as respite care, in-home care agencies, financial guidance, testing and assessment resources, education programs, schools for exceptional children, and residential programs. Some examples of additional educational resources that we can offer parents to assist them in their decision-making process are: “Choosing Quality Child Care,” “How to Handle Conflict with a Provider,” “Family Care Checklist,” and “Child Care Centre Checklist.” Other tip sheets that may be helpful are: “General Information about Disabilities” and “Understanding Learning Disabilities.” These are just a few of the many resources we can offer to parents along with their referrals.

Elder Care Resource and Referral

When a caller contacts a work-life consultant regarding caregiver issues, there are a variety of resources that are offered for assistance. Searches made on the behalf of caregivers include, but are not limited to: caregiver support groups, respite care (in-home or in a facility), and organizations (national and localized) that address specific diseases. Additionally, if the caregiver is inquiring about symptoms or the progression of a particular disease, our consultants can research answers for the caregiver. We will provide the caregiver relevant websites, articles, and/or book titles applicable to the request. Also, our consultants will send to the caregiver any applicable literature about care-giving that is available.

If the individual is a long-distance caregiver, we offer a similar search to that described above. For long-distant care giving, we also provide the individual with the option of locating resources near the caregiver or near the family member who is in need of the care. An additional opportunity for a long-distance care giving situation is the possibility of a geriatric care manager. The care manager can help the dependent maintain a daily schedule and can put the long-distance family member at ease knowing that the dependent is being cared for by a professional.

Daily Living Resource and Referral

The range of lifestyle issues covered by our daily living consultants is vast. Our consultants have considerable resources to assist employees with a wide range of issues from finding care for their pets to managing their day-to-day responsibilities at home and work. The list below details just a few of the topics for which our daily living team can provide resource and referral services:

  • Apartment locators
  • Chore services/house cleaners
  • Emergency services
  • Entertainment services
  • Fitness and wellness centres/programs
  • Home repair (handymen, plumbers, electricians, contractors, etc.)
  • Moving/relocation services
  • Pet obedience training
  • Pet sitters/kennels
  • Transportation and travel services
  • Veterinarians
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Event planning
  • Consumer comparisons
  • Public and private educational resources
  • Adoption