Human Resource Best Practice Tools & Consulting

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Your people are your most valuable resource.

Managing this asset with both the right skills and the right tools will produce bottom line results. Every business owner appreciates the negative impact that a wrong hire, unclear job descriptions, low-performing employees, high attrition, legal issues, or a lack of consistent performance reviews can have on your business.

Wellness Factors’ Human Resource Program is designed for small businesses and helps to effectively and efficiently utilize advanced human resource practices through online tools and ongoing consulting support.

How it works

Your business is assigned a senior Human Resource consultant with whom you have ongoing access. This consultant becomes familiar with all the unique aspects of your business: organizational structure, leadership/management style, and employee profiles. Depending on the needs of your business, the program’s various components can be completely implemented or only those components that address specific needs can be used.

The online best practices tool box includes employee contract templates, employee review procedures and templates, performance management documents, and more. These online tools, combined with the personal touch of our consulting support, will quickly empower your human resource management to move to a new level of effectiveness.

Below is a list of each of the areas that the Wellness Factors’ Human Resource Program provides:

Reviewing Your Organization’s Growth Needs

When workloads increase, the first thing people often think of is to hire more people. Sometimes this may be the right move, but other times it may not be. Consideration should be given to the pros and cons of not only hiring more people, either part-time or full-time, but also to outsourcing, subcontracting, or focusing your energies on increasing efficiency with software or web automation tools.

Wellness Factors will look closely at the needs of your organization by performing an efficiency audit for the company. Our team will propose solutions that take into account your company’s budgets, growth areas, availability of people, management competencies and software needs. Additionally, recommendations will be made on the overall organizational structure.

Recruiting Strategies

Developing a recruiting strategy to attract the right, high-quality candidates that your business needs, is both an art and a science. The key to successful recruitment is to cast a net that is wide enough to gather a large range of candidates to select from. Knowing where to cast this net begins by realizing how social media is fast becoming the #1 way to find new talent. Traditional methods such as job postings on appropriate websites, networking, and joining online groups are necessary elements of the search. These will all play an important role in an effective recruiting process. The Wellness Factors’ team can save small businesses money with their expertise in creating effective advertising by writing job postings that will lure the very best candidates. We also assist with designing highly effective short-listing processes, psychological profiling of candidates, the interviewing process, writing job descriptions with specific goals to keep candidates accountable, and conducting reference checks.

Processing applicants and short-listing can be a labor intensive and time consuming process. Wellness Factors’ procedures can save clients significant time and increase the accuracy of information gathering. Remember, every poor hire costs you money.

Presenting the offer:

Each step in the recruitment process is critical. One thing that can lead to failure is not providing an attractive offer or a path for progression. Salary is the third main reason influencing people’s choice of an employer. There are many other things people that seek in employment that don’t involve salary. Insight into what works is the key to successful recruitment. Wellness Factors’ senior executives will work with you to gain that insight.

Employment Contracts

Effective employee strategies are critical to a good start. Our clients can utilize all or part of our contract templates.

We work with legal council to create employment contracts that conform to workplace legislation in Canada (Employment Standards). Employment contracts are a major key to keeping potential legal action at bay. Wellness Factors has employment contract templates that small businesses can use. We spend the time reviewing these contracts with management and employees to ensure that there’s a clear understanding of all the terms and conditions in the employment contract. Among items addressed in all our contracts are the number of work hours, vacation allotments, non-competition/ non-solicitation clauses, job title, remuneration, and review processes.

Presenting the employment contract:

Providing employment contracts with specific and measurable deliverables is perhaps the area in which most small business lack strength. Most high performance employees are high performers because they have worked with performance management systems that help them to produce their best results. In some cases, senior individuals can benefit from a rewards program that might include stock option plans, bonus plans, and team incentives.

Performance Management Systems

High performing employees are high performers because they are being managed to be their best. Rarely does this happen without effective management. Wellness Factors will help you develop the skills needed to use advanced behavioural sciences to get your employees to their highest level of performance. Once you have mastered this knowledge, tracking tools are put in place to measure short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals. Our performance management program helps managers maintain meeting frequencies and procedures.

Legal Support

With Employee

Avoiding legal action in employee and employer relations wards off potential financial losses and stress. Partnering with Wellness Factors to ensure you have sound policies and procedures in employment is a wise move. Wellness Factors does not provide legal advice. However, our more than two decades of experience with employment law gives us valuable insights which we can share with our clients. Furthermore, when required, we have well-developed relationships with accomplished and reputable legal counsel to whom we can reach out.

With Partners/Shareholders:

Maintaining healthy relations between partners and shareholders requires strong negotiating and relationship skills, as well as an excellent understanding of the Corporations Act and shareholder agreements. Wellness Factors, with its extensive network, can also obtain the specific type of legal counsel required to support you, if the need should arise. Additionally, we facilitate meetings with partners to create resolutions to ward off escalating fractures.

Other Services Offered by Wellness Factors

  • Succession Planning
  • Setting up Online Payroll System – Outsourcing to Payworks
  • Online tracking of vacation and absenteeism
  • Developing Incentives and Commission Programs linked to Performance and Overall Corporate Profitability
  • Building an Online Project Mgmt System — for tracking hours and projects