Corporate Health Program

Is Your Corporate Health Program Creating a Return On Investment?

Corporations invest in wellness because a properly designed wellness program has a positive impact on corporate performance. Wellness is a powerful force in people’s lives, and investing in the health of employees can improve productivity, reduce absenteeism, create better employee relations, and reduce health related costs.

A Wellness Factors wellness program is designed to have a positive impact on employees and improve their health outcomes. The benefit for the corporation is a positive return on investment. Wellness Factors measures and documents ROI using Wellness Tracker, a corporate health report card to compare wellness spending to benefits.

Wellness Factors maximizes the efficiency of its workplace health programs with multidisciplinary tools: beautifully designed printed materials described in Wellness Promotions that promote the on-site programs, monthly e-newsletters, a huge online health portal where employees can assess themselves, keep track of their health, and look up specific articles of concern, and an employee reward program to reinforce healthy lifestyle changes. Wellness Factors programs are scalable to fit the corporate wellness budget and customized with the corporate brand.

Discover what Wellness Factors has invested in health and wellness for your employees and for their families. Find out how our programs will engage your employees with multimedia onsite health feedback, how they support employees in their journey to health through telephone, email and personal support from a range of designated health professionals, how they are rewarded with Participaction Points, and how good they’ll feel using company-branded tools designed especially for their personal health.

Discover the power of Wellness Factors worksite and web interactive wellness