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Wellness Factors' Wellness Promotions consists of monthly e-newsletters, wall posters, wellness planners, and wallet cards, all branded with the employer's corporate identity and delivered to their worksite/wellness contact person. It provides up-to-the-minute health-care information, drives employees to the health portal, and raises awareness of specific employee health programs such as Heart Health.

Choose one of the Wellness Promotions below or choose all five to experience the full benefits of a completely integrated employee wellness program.

Health-and-wellness E-Newsletter

Wellness Factors regularly receives kudos for its monthly health-and-wellness e-newsletter. Written by award-winning health journalists and reviewed by health experts, it contains fascinating, timely features on health-and-wellness topics ranging from loneliness to physical fitness to the science of romance. A healthy and delicious recipe is also featured in every issue. The e-newsletter is professionally designed with eye-catching graphics and customized with your corporate brand. 

employee family wellness employee family wellness

Wellness Planner

Wellness Factors' Wellness Planner is a popular resource featuring the most up-to-date information on health and wellness. Each month of the daily calendar highlights a different health topic, such as physical fitness, relationship health, and emotional intelligence.

This year's Wellness Planner focuses on a growing health concern within many worksites: mental health. Facts and tips on rejuvenation, de-stressing, boundary setting, and other pertinent wellness topics will increase employees' understanding of their own mental/emotional health. Related features on "Emotional Eating" and "Food and Mood" will help them to make more informed choices about what to put in their bodies.

employee family wellness

To increase their self-awareness and encourage them to practice better self-care, the Wellness Planner invites employees to fill out a "health check" on each month's topic. It also directs them to visit select pages of the health portal to obtain more information, receive personal feedback, and keep track of different aspects of their health.

View our 2009 Wellness Planner (2.5 MB PDF, 42 pages)


Wallet Cards

Wellness Factors' wallet-card library of motivational health messages are a perk for any employee. These beautifully designed, wallet-sized tip sheets contain practical information on health and wellness, reminding employees to make healthy lifestyle choices wherever they may go.

roi employee family wellness programs wallet cards

A few examples of wallet-card titles include: "A Guide to Changing Your Lifestyle," "Seven Resiliency Exercises to Ward Off Stress," "Ten Tips to Stay Physically Active," "Boost Emotional Intelligence," "Seven Principles of Eating Well," and "Getting Good Food Fast."

Written by award-winning health journalists in layperson's language and printed in an easy-to-read font size, the cards reinforce use of the health portal by referring employees to the site for additional information and support. The easy-to-install wallet-card library comes complete with a wall rack and is shipped directly to your work site.

Wall Posters

Complemented by eye-catching graphics, these 17" x 24" posters help to raise employee awareness and garner participation in the employee wellness program. For example, for worksites conducting the Heart Health program, the poster will promote the upcoming heart-monitoring session and recommend further health-care and online resources for disease prevention.

employee family wellness
employee family wellness
employee and family wellness
employee and family wellness
employee and family wellness
employee and family wellness