As a core part of its corporate program, Wellness Factors hosts one of the world’s largest health-and-wellness portals. It contains more than 15,000 articles on various health-related topics, including healthy eating, physical fitness, stress management, worksite wellness, emotional intelligence, and relationship health, as well as a huge library of the latest mental health information. Employees can use the easy keyword search to locate articles that interest them.

The portal also includes 27 self-assessments — such as “Assess Your Relationships,” “Are You Depressed?” and “Stress Resilience” — which cover key aspects of health and wellness. In addition, 18 biomarker scorecards enable employees to record the results of physical tests like their current cholesterol ratios. The 44-self assessments and scorecards combine to form the Health Tracker, a tool that helps employees to manage their own health care and provide them with feedback on how to improve their overall level of wellness.

The health portal is customized with the employer’s brand and linked from their corporate website or intranet. By giving employees and their families 24/7 access to health-care tools and resources, Wellness Factors’ employee wellness program provides long-term support for employee health — helping to reduce health-insurance and other health-care costs and delivering multiple health benefits to both individual employees and the corporate workforce as a whole.

Some of the other dynamic tools on the portal designed to support employee health include:

  • Health TV Library: Online health-and-wellness videos for employees who prefer television to reading
  • Confidential Online Journal: Allows employees to put their thoughts down online, with the option of sending them to a coach or therapist.
  • Calorie Counter and Meal Planner: Points out nutritional deficiencies and helps to correct them with meal plans and customized shopping lists.
  • Ergonomics Tips: A comprehensive checklist for ensuring a healthier fit between employees and their work environment.
  • Multimedia Reduce Stress Workshop: An online interactive three-part video that teaches employees how to recognize, regulate, and ultimately reduce their levels of stress.
  • Relationship Health: Outlines strategies on how to reduce stress and mental illness, resulting in a healthier corporate culture.
  • Kids’ Health: Tips for employees and their families on how to improve their children’s health and their parenting skills.
  • Alphabetical condition search: Entries on hundreds of different medical conditions, with information on symptoms, prevention, and treatment.
  • Access to Wellness Factors’ health-care experts: Medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, behavioral psychologists, fitness coaches, nutritionists, and therapists.