Wellness Factors' wallet card library of motivational messages are a perk for any employee. The beautifully designed cards, which contain practical tips on health and wellness, remind employees to make healthy lifestyle choices wherever they go. Many physicians' offices display Wellness Factors' wallet cards as a useful extension of their doctors' advice. The cards also refer employees to other health and Internet resources for more information.

roi employee family wellness programs wallet cards

A few samples of wallet cards topics are: "A Guide to Changing Your Lifestyle," "Seven Resiliency Exercises to Ward Off Stress," "Anxiety and Depression," "Ten Tips to Stay Physically Active," "Boost Emotional Intelligence," "Men's Wallet Card: 14 Ways to Bless a Woman," "Seven Principles of Eating Well," "Divorce Care Tips," "Know Your Most Important Numbers," and "Getting Good Food Fast."

Shipped directly to the company or its divisions, the easy-to-install wallet card library comes complete with a wall rack. The cards are written by award-winning health journalists in layperson's language and printed in an easy-to-read font size (12 point).