Automating Payroll

When can I pick-up my pay cheque?  When do I get paid?  Is it possible to get direct deposit, There’s a mistake with my pay, Can I get a copy of my pay-stub?….. Sound familiar?

Payroll can be cumbersome, time consuming and expensive if not processed correctly.  At Wellness Factors we create ease by helping clients setup their payroll in such a way so they can use online software programs.  An automated online payroll system will save money and time.  The system allows for direct deposit and even produces ROE and T4’s with a press of a button.  Employee source deductions are automatically submitted which takes the worry out of remembering to keep up with government remittances like;  CPP, EI, WCB etc…

Operational robotics apps continue to grow which create higher efficiencies.  By streamlining the payroll processes, more time can be spent with your people, building relationships which is key to furthering any business.

When it comes to payroll there are still many companies who are behind the times when it comes to utilizing online payroll programs. Hands down, the efficiency and accuracy created by putting your payroll online will make it all worth while.

To learn how outsourcing your payroll by using online software will benefit you, give Wellness Factors a call.